Do You Need a Professional Propane Tank Installation?

Do You Need a Professional Propane Tank Installation?

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Installing a propane tank can be dangerous if you don't have the right experience. Rocky Mountain Propane LLC has a full team of professionals ready to take care of your propane tank installation in Worden, MT and the surrounding areas. We have several types of propane tanks for sale, and we can install your residential or commercial propane tank for a great price.
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Choose between an underground or above-ground tank

When you schedule your propane tank installation, you can choose between two different types: underground or above-ground. Not sure which is best for your home or business? Check out some of the differences between underground and above-ground tanks:

  • Temperature - an underground tank is less likely to malfunction in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Curb appeal - an underground tank has more eye appeal and is more visually pleasing than an above-ground tank. 
  • Price - an above-ground propane tank is generally less expensive than an underground tank.
  • Repairs - it's much easier to repair an above-ground tank than an underground one.

Trust a professional to install your residential or commercial propane tank. Rocky Mountain Propane LLC encourages our customers to own their propane tanks; however, we do have leasing options available. Hire Rocky Mountain Propane LLC in the Worden, Montana area by calling 406-839-7259 today.